"Judy, I can't begin to tell you how pleased we were with your services. I know it's routine for you but I felt you went above and beyond what I expected. It was a beautiful wedding and I know it was in part to your efforts keeping everything running smoothly. Everyone did enjoy themselves and we received many compliments. I can't thank you and your assistant enough. I will definitely recommend your services to all our family and friends. It was a pleasure to work with you as well."

Mother of the Bride 4-24-10

"Judy, Good morning !! Hope all is well. I had to send you an email and just let you know what an awesome affair you put together and pulled off. Natalie very much wanted a "party" and this was sooo untraditional for my mom that she had a tough time wrapping her head around everything and understanding what Natalie wanted. With your assistance, Natalie got exactly what she wanted and more. The venue was awesome, the photographers were great, the food was spectacular. I've seen some pictures that friends have taken as well as a teaser forwarded by Element Photography and WOW is all I can say !!

I can only imagine the amount of pressure on you the day of these events but I gotta say - you are COOL as a cucumber working with some many different people and personalities !! You did an awesome job !!! Thanks for your attention to all of the details and thanks for making 1-1-10 an unforgettable night for Natalie and Aaron and our family !!"

Nadine Guy-Taylor
Matron of Honor and Sister of the Bride 1-1-10

"Judy, I want to tell you what an AMAZING job you and your team did on everything for the wedding, but more so the support and new friendship that came out of it. It truly was the happiest day of my life. I can't believe everything came together as it did and Steve and I both know it is all because of you. I seriously can not tell you how many compliments we have been continuing to receive about the decor and the day in general. We have been told by numerous people that it was the best wedding they were ever at. We attended Steve's sisters wedding this weekend and his family and friends kept comparing the two weddings and saying how much more fabulous ours was. We had about three separate people use the word "avant guard" to describe the day.

So again thank you so very much for everything. There aren't enough words really to describe the amount of joy I had that day. I hope that through all the stresses you enjoyed yourself and enjoyed working with us as much as we did you. Steve says to me daily when we talk about the day, that he knows it would not have been half of what it was without you. You were our fairy godmother!"

Bride - Wedding 9-19-09

"It's hard to put into words the value of a true professional wedding planner but the initials "JP" would be say it for us! Judy and her team exceeded our expectations with every aspect of their service. I first considered a wedding planner because my job requires extensive travel. My husband Rob and I were concerned that details would be missed and the stress would make the planning overwhelming. I didn't know anyone who had a wedding planner so my expectations of JP were for someone to help find vendors and coordinate the activities of the wedding day. We were pleasantly surprised to learn how involved Judy became and how much she did for us. We were faced with planning 2 weddings at the last minute (one in PA and one in FL) because of my Dad's health. We had one wedding in August and then the scheduled wedding in October. Judy and her team rose to the occasion and allowed us to focus on my Dad, his passing and still be able to have perfect weddings all in 3 months time. If you are looking for a planner who has a template and cookie cutter type service then JP is not for you. Judy and her team take the time to customize their services to the needs of the clients and event so the list of services are endless. You can rest assured knowing your event will be all that you wish for with JP Event Design's planning services because they pay attention to every detail. Not to mention that Judy is a pleasure to work with and is some how able to remain cool and calm in any event situation."

Rob and Lisa C
Bride and Groom - Wedding 10-24-09

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